Kandy Esala Perahera 2018

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Kumbal Perahera
On the sixth night, the Kumbal Perahera begins and continues for five days. Initially, the Devale Perahera assembles in front of the Temple of the Tooth. The emblems placed on the ransivige (a dome-like structure) is accompanied by the Basnayake Nilames (the lay custodians of the Devales). Elephants,drummers and dancers will be seen in all these Peraheras.

For the next five nights, the “Devale Peraheras” take place within the premises of the four Devales with the priest of each Devale taking the pole every evening, accompanied by music and drumming, flag and canopy bearers, spearman and the Ran Ayudha, the sacred insignia of the Gods.

The following important times are announced by the firing of cannonballs, which can be heard all across Kandy.

1. The commencement of the Devale Perahera
2. The placing of the casket on the tuskers back
3. The commencement of the Dalada Maligawa Perahera
4. The completion of the Perahera